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ComeUp DV-12 STD 24V 5443kg Wire

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  • All sealed high performance motor supplies superior torque output and faster line speed.
  • 3 stage planetary gearbox delivers the most reliable and durable performance of winch under the rugged conditions.
  • The U.S., Germany, U.K., France, etc patented automatic CBS (Cone Brake Structure) holds firmly in full load and provides easy maintenance. Specific design of brake (CBS) outside the drum is ideally suited to heat-sensitive synthetic rope.
  • Heavy duty sealed contactor ensures sound waterproof protection.
  • Turn clutch by ergonomic T-handle for rapid rope payout. The equally positioned pin holes make it easily rotate by 36° increments for special in-bumper application.
  • Protective thermal sensor LED
  • Rated line pull: 5,443 kg / 12,000 lb single line
  • Motor: 2,690 w / 3.6 hp 24V series wound
  • Gear train: 3-stage planetary 261:1
  • Clutch (freespooling): Rotating ring gear
  • Brake (outside the drum): Automatic, full load CBS (Cone Brake Structure)
  • Winch construction: Aluminum die cast housings with steel drum
  • Drum size: 89 mm x 206L mm
  • Control: Waterproof remote with thermometric indicator LED w/ 5 m cord
  • Rope type: Galvanized aircraft A7 x 19
  • Rope size: 9.5 mm x 38 m
  • Mounting bolt pattern: 254 mm x 114 mm  – 254 mm x 165 mm
  • Winch weight (including rope) : 55 kg
  • Gross weight : 67 kg
  • Box dimension, (L x D x H) : 694 x 265.2 x 418.4 mm


Vekt 67 kg
Lengde 26.5 cm
Høyde 41.8 cm
Bredde 69.5 cm

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